Monday, February 27, 2012

I love my Mom!!!!

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday! She turned 29 (again!) My Mom is the best person I know. She has always been there for me and I can't thank her enough for that. I wish we lived closer to my family, but for now we are stuck in this icy tundra! We have had such great times together as a family! This picture pretty much sums up our Italy trip. I'd cuddle up with these people any day of the week!

We are planning a trip to South Carolina for the end of July and I can't wait! I miss my family so much and I wish I was there right now. I love you Mom! You are so awesome and you are going to be a wonderful grandmother one day!

On an unrelated note, Brandon and I have been married for 6 months! What a great 6 months it has been. Sometimes I look back on our wedding day and it feels forever ago, and other times it feels like it was just yesterday. I am so thankful for a temple marriage and for everyone that encouraged me to seek out a temple marriage. It has been the best decision of my life!