Monday, March 10, 2014

2 months

Our little Ava Sue is 2 months old already! I can't hardly believe it. She has changed our life forever and we are so blessed to have this little angel in our family. Here are some facts about our little sweetheart:

-10 lbs 13 oz
-23 inches long
-wears size 1 diapers
-sleeps about 5 hours straight at night!
-hates being swaddled
-sleeps with her arms straight over her head
-kicks off every blanket we put on her
-loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show!
-loves sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed
-won't sleep in her bassinet
-eats about 4 to 5 oz at a time
-smiles a lot!
-is a total drama queen when we are taking too long making her bottle
-still loves to cuddle!
-her eyes look like they are going to stay blue!

and last but not least, she is a total mama's girl! When Brandon comes home from work he watches her so I can get some work done and she totally freaks out. He has to bring her into the room I am working in just so she can stare at me. I don't know what I am going to do with her.

We love our little cuddle bug so much!